User Help for Cartweaver 4 PHP

Cartweaver 4 PHP

Admin Home

The admin home page allows you to quickly see how many new orders you have received. Of those new orders, you can see how many are waiting for payment verification and how many are verified and ready to be shipped.

Provided links give you easy access to orders so they can be given the needed attention.

Search: The search section allows you to quickly search for products, orders, and customers.

Recent Orders: Shows your most recent orders. This is a good place to look first to find new sales and orders that need to be fulfilled.

Best Selling Products: Allows you to quickly see what products in your store are most popular.

Top Customers: This section shows the customers that have purchased the most from you. The combination of this section and the Best Selling Products section gives you a quick snapshot of what your best products and customers are.

Recently Added or Updated Products: This gives you rapid access to the latest products should you want to make quick adjustments.

You can edit what is displayed on the Admin Home Page by going to:

Admin Settings > Admin Widgets