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Cartweaver 4 PHP

Admin Users

Granting Access to Admin

The Users list is a record of all user names and passwords that grant access to the administration area. You can easily add new users and modify or delete existing users as needed. You may not delete the last user record, as there must always be at least one admin user. You can also give users different access levels.

Access Levels

By default, Cartweaver has four access levels -- service, manager, merchant, and developer. The Developer has access to everything in the Administration area, including web site configuration. Other admin access levels have what is shown in the table below.

The Merchant access level can be modified from the default settings shown below by going to the Config Groups page and checking or un-checking the "Show Merchant" field. All other access levels are fixed at the default settings shown below.

Number of Users

You can add as many users as you like and assign a user name and password to each user. Users may only have one access level assigned to them.

Security Note to Remeber: Be sure to change the password for the primary Developer from "admin" before your store goes live.

Admin Home      
  Admin Overview x x x x
  Active Products   x x x
  Archived Products   x x x
  Add New Product   x x x
  Product Images   x x x
  All Orders x x x x
  Pending x x x x
  Verified x x x x
  Shipped x x x x
  Canceled x x x x
  Returned x x x x
  Manage Customers x x x x
  Add New Customer   x x x
  Main Categories   x x x
  Add New Main   x x x
  Secondary Categories   x x x
  Add New Secondary   x x x
  Manage Options   x x x
  Add New Option Group   x x x
  Active Discounts   x x x
  Archived Discounts   x x x
  Shipping Settings     x x
  Tax Settings     x x
  Shipping Methods     x x
  Shipping Ranges     x x
  Shipping Extensions     x x
  Tax Groups     x x
  Tax Regions     x x
  Countries/Regions     x x
Store Settings      
  Company Info     x x
  Admin Users     x x
  Credit Cards     x x
  Ship / Order Status       x
Admin Settings        
  Admin Users       x
  Admin Controls       x
  Admin Widgets       x
  Product Admin       x
Site Setup      
  All Subpages - Developer Only       x