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Cartweaver 4 PHP

Discount Details Help

The Discount Details page allows you to add a new discount or modify an existing discount. Discounts have both a user-friendly name and a reference ID for store owner use. When creating a discount, you specify a start date and an end date for the discount. After the end date, the discount no longer applies. Discounts automatically expire when the end date is reached. A discount description can be given, and will show in the store if the configuration item "Display Discount Notes on Cart" is checked in the admin.

Discounts can be used store-wide with or without promotional codes. Promotional codes are entered by the user during the checkout process, and the discount does not show on the product pages until the user has entered the correct promo code in the checkout. If no promotional code is given in the admin, no promotional code is required by the store customers, and discounts show up on the product pages.

Discounts amounts can be in percentage or currency amounts, and can apply to all products or specific products/SKUs.

The discount functionality in Cartweaver 4 is exceptionally flexible and powerful. Here are a few of the types of discounts you can create:

This list goes on! Take some time to analyze the various elements of discounts and you'll begin to see that there are nearly limitless possibilities.

Discount Page Tabs

Discount Parameters

This page sets up the basic parameters of the discount, such as when, how long and how it will be applied - the notes next to the fields help explain what each do.

Note: the "discount applies To" field will determine which tabs will be visible for setting the remainder of the discount features, for example discounts on specific products will require the Associated Items tab to be displayed, where as a global discount will not.


This is the conditions that must be present for the discount to be applied to the order

Associated Items

This tab allows you to designate to what Categories, Products, or SKUs you want the discount to be applied to.

Usage History

If a discount has been applied to any orders the usage history tab will be shown and a record of these will be displayed.