User Help for Cartweaver 4 PHP

Cartweaver 4 PHP


The List Discounts page lists all available discounts, or all archived discounts. End dates are shown in red if they are expired. You can also archive or delete discounts from this page. Clicking a discount from the list allows you to drill down to the Discount Details page and modify the discount properties. To see the details or edit the discount record, click on the pencil icon or the discount name.

Active and Archived Discounts

Discounts can be set as Active or Archived. If a discount is set to "active" and the current date falls between the start and end dates for the discount, or if no date parameters are set, then the discount is active and will be live in your store.

If you wish to keep a discount record--for example, if it's a discount you repeatedly use from time to time, but you do not want it to be active now--you can archive it and save it to be reactivated later if you like.