User Help for Cartweaver 4 PHP

Cartweaver 4 PHP

Global Settings

This page is the heart of your Cartweaver-based store configuration. Here is where you'll enter information that will be used to properly connect and map your store structure. Remember to click on the little question mark in each field to see an explanation of the function of each field. Some of the key elements of this page are:

Site URL and Site Secure URL

The Site URL will be the URL of your web site. The Secure URL will be the "https" URL used to invoke your SSL encryption during checkout. During development, this should be left blank. On the server, it should be properly filled in. Fortunately, when developing locally, you can have your local database with this data blank and the server database properly filled in to properly handle your transactions.

IP Address Development

If you are developing on a server that does not yet have a domain pointed to it, you'll want to enter the IP address or temporary URL provided by your host here. You should in this case fill in the URL field and leave the Secure Field Blank. Then once your domain is directed and you are ready to do final testing, you can update these fields to the appropriate URLs.

Properly Mapping Your Site

You'll find three fields that set the store location mapping, all three marked with a "Caution" warning. If you install Cartweaver into the root directory of your site and all your cart presentation pages are in the root directory, you can leave these fields in their default setting. If you are relatively new to eCommerce and dynamic web development, this is the recommended course of action. If you have your entire store located in a subdirectory on your site, then you'll want to enter the proper mapping in these fields. For example, if you locate your store in a sub folder named "store", your mapping in the the fields would look like this:

This will ensure that the mapping of the links and image locations are correct in your store.