User Help for Cartweaver 4 PHP

Cartweaver 4 PHP


The Options architecture is one of the most powerful features of Cartweaver. There can be an unlimited number of options and option groups. The options are used to define the SKUs for each product.

Options are controlled by "option groups". An example option group could be "Color", which will be a record or group of all available colors. The options listed under this option group would be the colors themselves, such as Red, Green, Blue, Black and so forth. When you assign an option group to a product, the options in that group will be available when making Product SKUs, so you can assign the appropriate option to a SKU - a "Red" t-shirt, for example.

Option Group List

This is the list of all option groups currently available in your store. By clicking the pencil icon on any option, you can view the details about that option group.

Administering Options

To administer an option group, click on the pencil and you will be take to the Option Group Details page.

This screen allows you to edit, delete or archive option records. You can also set the order in which you want them to be displayed on the web. If there are products associated with a given option, you will not be able to delete the option. You can, however, archive an option so it will no longer appear on the web, or in the selection fields when you create a new product.

Adding a New Option Group

To add an new option group, click the "Add New Option Group" link in the Admin menu. First set the name of your option group, and then add the options in that group.