User Help for Cartweaver 4 PHP

Cartweaver 4 PHP


Here you can view a list of pending, verified, shipped, cancelled, or returned orders, depending on which link you select in the Admin menu.


You can quickly find orders using the power search function. Initially you can search by date range. Enter a starting and ending date to see all orders within that period of time. If you click the "Pending" link in the menu, then search between dates, you can quickly and easily find orders that need to be fulfilled.

To quickly look for specific orders, click on Advanced Search to refine your search. The results of your search query are displayed in a table sorted by date.

To "Drill Down"

Clicking on the pencil icon will take you to the Orders Details page to see all the details for that order. Clicking on the customer name will take you to the customer record, where you can review the contact information and order history for the customer that placed this order.