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Cartweaver 4 PHP

Product Image Admin

This page gives you one central place to review and control your images. Although images are added on an individual product's page, having this central control list is very handy.

Manage Image Sizes

The first thing you will want to do on this page when setting up your Cartweaver store is find the "Manage Image Sizes" link just below and to the right of the page title. Click this link to be taken to the control page for size ranges the system will auto size your image to fit within when you upload product images. For a consistent look for all your products you will want to set these ranges to sizes that best suite your site design, then leave them. If you change these later this will not change the sizes of images you have already uploaded and could negatively impact the look of your store. So choose your sizes carefully, then leave them. Remember these ranges are the "box" dimensions your images will fit within - the aspect ratio of your images will not be changed, they will simply be resized so the widest or tallest dimensions of your image will fit within these parameters. Once this is done click the "View Image List" link to return and manage your images.

Delete Originals

When images are uploaded they are duplicated and re-sized to fit the various sizes needed. The original image is retained. Clicking the Delete Originals button will delete all original image files from the server, which may be a good idea to clear up server disk space if you have a lot of images.

Delete Unused

As you update or change product images, the previous images remain on the server. The Delete Unused function will clear these off the server. Use with caution. If you have images that you intend on using in the future but are not using now, this function will delete these as well, and you will have to re-upload them.

Delete All

Caution! This button does what is says it does and deletes ALL product images off the server. This may be a good thing if you've been practicing and wish to clear the server and start over, but keep in mind this will delete all of the images and cannot be undone. Proceed with caution.


This allows you to search for a particular image.

Delete Selected

You can select images by clicking the check boxes in the image list, then click this button to delete the images you've selected.

Image List

You can view thumbnails of the images here. If the original image is still on the server, you can view it by clicking on the thumbnail. If the original is no longer on the server, you can view the various image sizes for the associated product by clicking on the product name.