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Cartweaver 4 PHP


The Products page is a list of all the products in your store. You can scroll through the list of products, or you can search for products based on data entered in the "Keyword" field. You can refine where Cartweaver 4 will search for this data by selecting which fields to search. For an even more refined search, you can click on "Advanced Search" and enter more data information.

Active Products

The first time you view the Products page, you will be shown active products by default. Active products are products that are currently available on the web. You can mouse over the list of products and click on any field to view the Product Details page, which contains all the data about that particular item. You can also click on the View button to view the product in your store from the customer's point of view.

The thumbnail image (if available) is displayed, along with whether the product is displayed in the store or not. If a product is set to not appear on the web, this does not mean it is archived. Non-displayed products are still active, but may be temporarily disabled for editing or other reasons. Finally there is the Archive column, where you can click to archive a product (remove it from the web and from your default Active Products list).

Archived Products

Here you may view a list of products that have been archived. If you wish to reactivate a product so it will be available on the store and can be edited, simply click the "reactivate" link. The product will be removed from the Archived Products list and given an "active" status. You will then be taken to the Product Admin Form where you can edit the product record if you wish.

**Points to remember: Why not just delete a product you no longer sell? Once a product has orders associated with it, you cannot delete it. Doing so would create orphan order records and result in corrupted data. Archiving moves the product records "out of the way" but leaves the product data intact.