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Cartweaver 4 PHP

Shipping/Order Status Admin Help

The Ship/Order Status settings are required values and therefore cannot be added to or deleted. You can, however, edit the order in which they are applied.

Order Status Settings

The ship status codes are:


A pending order is one that has been placed but is awaiting payment verification. This setting is used in transactions that are not paid in real-time, such as PayPal Standard. The order is set to Pending until, in this example, PayPal responds. If PayPal responds with a successful transaction, the order will be automatically reset to Paid In Full. If not, it will be left as Pending and will require merchant attention.

Balance Due

If you have your store set to "In House" payment processing, an order placed on the site will be set to Balance Due. Once you receive payment you can reset the order to Paid In Full.

Paid In Full

Orders that have successfully been processed by a payment gateway will be set to Paid in Full. You can also set "in house" orders to this setting once the customer has paid for the order.


After an order has been received, paid in full, and shipped to the customer, you can set the order to Shipped.
Important Note: An order set to Shipped cannot be deleted, canceled, or reset to any setting other than Returned.


An order that is Pending but not not paid for can be set to Canceled. This type of order can also be deleted, but you may want to retain this order information for sales analysis later. You can choose which course of action best suits your situation.


An order that has been shipped can be set to Returned if need be. Note Cartweaver does not support partial returns at this time.