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Cartweaver 4 PHP

Shipping Settings

On this page, you can set three shipping parameters that affect how and how much shipping will be charged. The way shipping is calculated is quite powerful, so it's worth spending some time planning it here. There are three shipping settings: Base, Range and Location Extension.

Your available settings are:

Enable Shipping

Un-checking this box removes shipping from the checkout process and order calculation entirely. This may be what you wish to do if you do not ship products, but deliver services or the like. With this enabled, you will still be able to designate individual products as No Shipping Charge products, so the only time you'd want to un-check this is if you do not charge shipping at all.

Show Single Shipping Option

If enabled, the "shipping information" step of the checkout process will still be shown when only one shipping method is available. If unchecked, it will be skipped automatically.

Show Customer Shipping Info

Check this box to show shipping form fields on the order form, and shipping totals in order confirmation.


The base shipping rates don't have anything to do with order cost. A base rate is a flat rate that will be charged for a particular method. Postal = 5.00, UPS Ground = 8.00, FedEx = 12.00; or Standard = 5.00, Express = 10.00 and so forth. This base rate can serve as a "floor" on which all other shipping rates are added, or it can serve as a flat shipping rate by turning the other shipping rates off.

Location Extension

The location extension is a multiplier that loads an additional percentage to the shipping cost based on destination.

Assume you are charging all three shipping parameters. Here's how it works:

The net result of this is that this state is being charged 125% of what the shipping would cost somebody in your home state, where the extension would reasonably be set to 0%.


Range allows you to define a shipping cost based on the total weight or cost of an order. Add up the total weight/cost of the package, find a range in which the order total weight/cost fits for the shipping method that has been selected, and that's your shipping cost. If Base rate is selected, the range cost will be added to the base rate to come up with the total shipping cost.

Charge Range Based On

Here you select whether you want to calculate your shipping costs based on the subtotal dollar amount of the order, or on the total weight of all the items placed in your cart. The most common is by weight, and if you are using a third-party shipper connection (UPS), you'll want to leave this set to weight.

UPS Shipping Settings

To connect your site to UPS and to retrieve your shipping costs in real time you will need to get a UPS account and then enter your information in the following fields on this page.

You'll need a UPS account to use this function. This access key and other information will be provided to you by UPS--contact UPS or look at your UPS account documentation for details. If you use UPS and have your Key entered here, you will still need to enter shipping group entries for the UPS services you plan to use, such as "Ground", "2nd Day Air" and the like.

Dial it in

By combining the three shipping methods and adjusting the shipping extension based on actual shipping costs, you can dial in a very precise shipping matrix.