User Help for Cartweaver 4 PHP

Cartweaver 4 PHP

Tax Group

A Tax Group allows you to set specific tax rates on a product based on the physical location of the shipping address. You can assign multiple tax rates to a single Tax Group.

Associated Products

Clicking the Associated Products link will show you all products that are currently associated with this Tax Group.

Update Tax Group Name

To change the name of a Tax Group, enter the new name of the group in the Name field and click Update.

Add New Tax Rate

To add a new tax rate, choose a region from the Unassigned Tax Regions list and enter a Tax Rate. Click Add New Tax Rate to add the rate. If you don't see the desired region in the list of Unassigned Tax Regions, click Add New Tax Region to add it.

Tax Rates

The Tax Rates section shows all tax rates currently assigned to this Tax Group. Clicking on the name of a particular region will take you the Tax Region Details page. To delete a tax rate from the group, select the Delete check-box and click Update Tax Rates.

Tax Groups

Tax Groups allow you to specify a tax rate, or multiple tax rates, for a specific type of product. Examples of a Tax Group might be Books, Electronics, Perishables, etc.

Add a Tax Group

To add a new Tax Group, enter the name of the group and click Add. After adding a Tax Group, click the name of the new Tax Group to configure the group.

Tax Group Products

The Associated Products page allows you to see all products that are associated with the current Tax Group.

Associated Products

Clicking the name of a product will take you to its Product Details page. If a product is assigned to the wrong Tax Group, you can select a new Tax Group from the Change To list and click Update Products. The product will then be associated with the new Tax Group and will be removed from the current listing.