User Help for Cartweaver 4 PHP

Cartweaver 4 PHP

Tax Settings

This page is where you set the way your store will handle sales taxes. There are three general ways that Cartweaver handles taxes:

  1. Local - General
  2. Local - Tax Groups
  3. Third Party - AvaTax

The Local - General setting is the most common in the US. This is where you set what states you will charge sales tax for and what percentage of sales sold into the state(s) will be charged.

Tax Groups is a far more robust system that allows you to set up different tax levels for different products or regions. This system works very well for Canadian tax and EU VAT tax.

Third Party - AvaTax is a third party tax system that off-loads sales tax calculation to the Avalara AvaTax system. Order details are passed to the AvaTax system, and the sales tax is calculated on the order based on all the sales tax parameters for the appropriate state or province. The correct tax amount is passed back to the cart and is added to the order. As sales tax rules and laws get more complex, tying into a robust third party system like this will make staying up with and remaining in compliance with tax laws much easier.

Note: Remember to click the little question mark in each field for a brief explanation of what each field does.